ABC You Can Draw Online Drawing Course with Professional Illustrator & Designer - SELF-PACED tutorials!

ABC You Can Draw Online Drawing Course with Professional Illustrator & Designer - SELF-PACED tutorials!

Are you READY?

To finally create YOUR own masterpiece?

To turn your creative EXPRESSION into $$$?

To take your love of fashion and turn it into your own DESIGNS?

Professional TECHNIQUES

Do you want that creativity inside you to AT LAST be out in the world, doing what it NEEDS to be doing in your life? --- Creating new incomes for you? --- Inspiring lives?

Why LEARN from ME?

I have created thousands of books and magazines in print + published online.

As a College Lecturer I can break stuff down to be easy to understand, and enjoyable.

Hundreds of students have paid many 1,000's of $$$ to be taught by me in Design schools. This is your opportunity to learn these skills.

drawing modules


You can take these lessons and use them to develop illustrations for your own graphic novels, picture books, comic books, educational workbooks, text books, articles and cartoon strips.


You can take these lessons and use them to showcase your own designs using mood board inspirations combined with your confident figure and face drawing techniques.


You can take these lessons, print out work sheets, and use them in your classrooms.


You can take these lessons, copy the templates and use them to create digital graphics for social media marketing and websites.


You can take these lessons and use them to teach your children how to draw better than even they think they can.


You can take these lessons and use them to turn your art into $$$ while you work from home.

This 40 day course has now been released as a self-paced set of tutorials. Each time you complete a tutorial, the next one is released, ready to progress to when you a ready.

Be sure to take up the opportunity today as this self-paced run is being offered temporarily, as a test run, to meet the needs of these weird times. 

Have fun as you engage your creative self in a powerful and enjoyable way.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


6 Modules

Course Introduction


  1. Course Welcome
  2. Why Do It
  3. Why Learn From Me
  4. How To Get Support
  5. Q&A Schedule - Note: Live Q&A training sessions only run during full course terms. - If you have questions, ask on the Facebook Group!
  6. Facebook Group
  7. Test Time
  8. Equipment for Next Week and A Fun Drawing Exercise

A - Just Like You Learn Your ABC - You Can Draw


  • Equipment - As much or as little as you want
  • Set Yourself Up - How to See
  • An Easy Project to Enjoy - Two Dots
  • Draw a Cartoon Character Face Step-by-step
  • Use your cartoon character face to create a new character - Cartoon Tutorial
  • Equipment for Next Week

B - Basic realistic techniques to next level - ABC You Can Draw


  • Baby steps to a little more realistic drawing techniques
  • Beautiful study of the human eye ~ close up ~ step-by-step exercise
  • Binge watchers continue here
  • Beginning to look like something a bit exciting
  • Big finish
  • Buckle up for penmanship

C - Cross-hatching and pen work - ABC You Can Draw


  • Cross-hatching techniques & secret 2 - patience
  • Cool shapes & a little perspective
  • Calligraphy pen & creative cross-hatch
  • Creative challenge

D - Design & Other Ds


  • Design - Cheat Sheet for Graphic Designers, Desktop Publishers, Teachers and (if you are not in one of the previous segments) You.
  • Digital Illustration - From pen & ink ... or pencil ... to digital vector art
  • Digital Illustration - Created entirely with software
  • Digital Illustration of Christmas Trees - well really they're just trees, oh and one of them could also be used as a hat.
  • Digital Illustration of Christmas Decorations ... video tutorial
  • Dollars - 50 ways to make money with your art, design & illustration
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